Dear readers,

this edition of finest is devoted to pleasure. Synonyms for pleasure include joy, delight, delicacy and sensual gratification. Whether it’s a piece of delicate melting chocolate, a fine wine or a festive meal, everything we partake in with pleasure enriches our lives with magical experiences. Remember that delicious dish that brought you so much pleasure that you wanted to eat it over and over again? It might be your grandmother’s apple pie or an eight-course gourmet menu that inspired culinary ecstasy. Germany is currently home to 239 one-star chefs, 39 two-star chefs and 10 three-star chefs. In this edition we would like to introduce some of the best chefs in the country, along with a selection of newly starred chefs. After all, behind every meal there is someone who prepared it with passion, dedication and craftsmanship. For those who would like to try out the culinary delights on their own, we have included some recipes to cook and enjoy at home. And, to make the gastronomic decision even more difficult, we turn to Spain as well. Because in the land of tapas and Iberico ham, true magicians are at work in the kitchens, earning one Michelin star after another. A well-known fact is that these stars stand for »a very good cuisine that deserves the attention of the reader« (one star), »an excellent cuisine, worth a detour« (two stars) and »one of the best cuisines, worth the journey« (three stars). Here’s a hint in advance: You should pack your bags because some Spanish restaurants are definitely worth the trip.

We wish you the greatest of pleasures when reading this finest gourmet edition, plenty of joy and culinary inspiration. After all, anticipation is closely connected to pleasure. And that anticipation will most certainly grow while reading these pages. Imagine visiting each restaurant mentioned in this magazine next year… how’s that for a New Year’s resolution? That would make 2016 a true delight for all your senses.